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MSD TECNOMETAL, S.L. develops new products.
Tecnometal MSD, SL in its spirit of achievement continues to develop a new range of equipment for construction, which were presented gradually, according to schedules.


Tecnometal MSD, SL ANMOPYC new associate.
Tecnometal MSD, SL enters as a new associate in ANMOPYC (Spanish Association of Exporters Manufacturers of Construction Equipment, Construction and Mining)


Tecnometal MSD SL gets the NEUMAC S.A. FR-07 wall chaser
Tecnometal MSD SL has reached an agreement with NEUMAC S.A. to continue the production of the wall chaser FR-07 which NEUMAC SA manufactured and sold.
NEUMAC letter:
NEUMAC S.A. has evolved in recent years by the growing weight it has our activity, sale of heavy machinery import, especially of the mark Ammann compaction and roads. The work and the customers themselves of these heavy machines increasingly are distancing us from the traditionally market of the our lightweight equipments and we do not want a product so well introduced and accepted as the wall chaser miss his presence in the sector by our distance . Durban brothers also have a long experience in this market, in which are now returning with their new company and new products for the same sector. His well-deserved image of reliability and quality that will make us think a perfect continuity to the sale and after-sales service of the wall chaser , with the same or greater efficacy than us. We are confident that all our old customers will be served by Tecnometal MSD, SL equal to or better than for us.
The quality of machinery and materials, as well as the service and warranties shall continue as before. From these moments you can submit questions or requests, both of new machines or spare parts or repairs, to:
MSD TECNOMETAL, S.L. Tel: 976/186 915 Pol. Ind. San Isidro - Avda. Castejón deValdejasa, 69 Fax: 976/451 810 50830 Villanueva de Gállego (Zaragoza) e-mail:


Tecnometal MSD, SL take part in SMOPYC 2011
Tecnometal MSD, SL will make its public presentation at 2011 SMOPYC Trade Fair Zaragoza (Spain), held from 5th to April 9th, pavilion 4, Stand B/35.
Tickets request Here


Tecnometal MSD SL It constituted.
After more than 20 years experience in the sector, October 18, 2010, Daniel and Angel Durban begin a new journey with the creation of MSD Tecnometal.

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